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Tanning ledges and bubblers are a great duo to add to your pool. The tanning ledge gives you a place in your pool to just sit back, relax and enjoy a cold drink or just simply get a summer time tan. The bubblers add a little fun to the tanning ledge (that dogs and children will love!) and will create that same relaxing water audio.

​Customize Your Pool And Make It One Of A Kind!

​    Waterfalls, Fire Features, Lighting, Deck Jets, and More!


Bring family and friends over to enjoy a fun place to sit and chat at a custom swim up bar right in your pool! We can add seats, benches, and lighting to make it one of a kind!


Sheer descents are the most common upgrade to add to your pool. They have a very clean look and water noise and flow can easily be adjusted. Adds a fun look to any raised wall.


Moss rock waterfalls are a very economical way to add a water feature to your pool. Whether you add a long weeping wall like the one featured to the left or a tall rock waterfall the natural look can fit into most all backyard platforms.


Not only do fire features add pop to your backyard they build an ambiance that will have you and your company never wanting to leave the backyard. We can customize the fire to just about any size and shape to accompany your pool perfectly.


Water Bowls are very easy to install and fairly inexpensive to add to your pool. The tranquil sound of water will have you feeling soothed and relaxed. With many shapes, colors, and sizes to choose you can customize the bowls to fit your décor and feel in the backyard. You can even add fire to any water bowl to give it a little extra pop!


Slides are a really fun feature to add for kids and company! You can choose from a Boulder formation slide that is custom built to your pool like the one seen to the right or a more standard acrylic slide that can be added to any new or existing pool!

With the right creativity a custom feature can transform your pool into something extraordinary! Take a look at our upgraded features you can add to your pool below and get inspired!


Deck jets can be placed anywhere around the perimeter of the pool. They add a very fun and attractive stream of water into the pool. The ones shown to the right show a smooth stream of water however, at night they turn into lumiars. Click here to find out more!