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New Pool Construction

Whether it’s “simple and budget friendly” or an exotic backyard resort, Jackson Cooper Pools has the talent to transform your backyard into your dream pool escape. Here is how we do it:

Step one: Planning Your Dream
At Jackson Cooper Pools, we believe in designing and building a pool that complements your backyard and one that you will love. After all, this is your outdoor living area, a place for relaxing, entertaining, creating memories, and having fun. We will work closely with you and your family to create an interactive custom 3D design of your pool and features. Once the design and price are agreed upon we move forward to construction.

Step two: Know How
Our construction team has the experience, commitment, and expertise to change your current backyard into your personal getaway. Constant contact with our clients is a vital part of our philosophy to ensure the construction process runs smoothly. Most importantly, we take out the middle man. The person coming to your house and designing your pool will be the same person who will be building your pool. This ensures that nothing is missed and all small details that are talked about in the design and planning will be administered in your backyard.

Step three: Total Value
After the construction of your pool, now is the time to enjoy your paradise outdoor living area. Build new family memories and escape from the hustle every day in your own backyard. Jackson Cooper Pools will never be far away for any concerns that may arise!

Pool Renovations

Swimming Pools can last a very long time, if they are well taken care of and built correctly. Whether it be that your pool has fallen victim to Mother Nature or just that your tastes have changed. We can help revamp your backyard! Take a look below at some ways you can reinvest in and reinvent your pool!

If your pool plaster is 7-10years old, chances are its time for a re-plaster. Things to look for: Permanent stains on walls or floors, scaling or etching on the pool surface. or gunite or rebar showing through pool bottom. Re-plaster is a fairly easy process and usually can be done in only a couple days. We use all Wet Edge products for our plaster and come with a manufacture warranty that cannot be beat!

Tile & Coping
Coping is the stone that is around the border of the pool. It can be many different materials such as: Concrete, flagstone, travertine, or brick. Waterline tile is the tile that is underneath the coping inside the pool that goes along the entire border of the pool. Both Tile and Coping can be repaired or replaced if you have any issues with them breaking or falling off or if you simply are ready for a new look for your pool!

Equipment Replacement
Maintaining and cleaning your pool equipment is a very vital part to your pools health. However, just like anything else the equipment is not meant to last a lifetime. We can come out and do a full evaluation on your pool equipment to let you know if any what problems you may have and what can be either fixed or replaced by one of our certified master plumbers.

Deck Repair or Replacement
Here in the pool industry we have a saying, “There are two types of concrete, concrete that is cracked and concrete that is going to crack. Especially in Texas the ground is very fluid. It moves as time goes on and can settle in different areas. If you have issues with cracks or low spots in your deck we can come out to help you assess the problem and let you know the best options to fix it.

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Great work on our pool renovation. Professional approach from the bid process through the end of the job.

- Gary Ligon

Why Jackson Cooper Pools

Went from wanting a pool to having a pool within a month. I can’t say enough about Jackson Cooper Custom Pool Company. They keep you informed of each step when each step will happen who’s coming out and what time they’ll be there. The crews were very professional.  After 4 bids…I have an awesome pool, what I wanted and more. Better pool, less time for less money.

- Dana Fuentes

Great work on our pool renovation. Professional approach from the bid process through the end of the job.

- Gary Ligon

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